Valves actuators

Valbia manufactures rack and pinion pneumatic actuators, available in spring return or double acting version, with 0°-90° standard rotation or 0°-180°. This type of actuator is mainly used in industrial processes, to automate interception and adjustment devices.
Using carefully selected materials, Valbia offers a product with a unique patented design, which is able to guarantee high quality standard, performance and strong reliability throughout its useful life.
The possibility to use various types of construction materials and combinations, makes Valbia actuators versatile and suitable to different applications and operating environments; the certifications, achieved by the products, allow the usage in all the major industrial sectors (from food & beverage to the O&G market), both in European and International contest. Valbia is able to propose the most suitable solution according to the different requirements of use and to provide also a wide range of accessories such as solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners, emergency gear operators and levers for manual intervention.

Valbia provides a wide range of quarter-turn single-phase electric actuators, available with different voltages of power supply (12/24V/100-240V) and frequency (50/60 Hz), with CE and UL certifications and diferent level of protection enclosure (IP-UL Type).
Valbia electric actuators are suitable for the automation of a great variety of ball and butterfly valves for the industrial and civil sector, with a torque valve that goes from 15 to 350 Nm.

Valbia selling programe:

 Pneumatic actuators
 Ball valve, 2 way, with pneumatic actuator
 Ball valve, 3 way, with pneumatic actuator
 Ball valve, 2 & 3 way, for high pressure, with pneumatic actuator
 Butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator

 Electric actuators
 Ball valve, 2 way, with electric actuator
 Ball valve, 3 way, with electric actuator
 Ball valve, 2 & 3 way, for high pressure, with electric actuator
 Butterfly valve with electric actuator


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