Glide screws

Part linear bearing, part lead screw, the Glide Screw™ from Thomson combines the best features of these products a linear bearing and a lead screw into an easy to install, one-part solution.

Lead screws - Supernuts

Offering smooth, precise, cost effective positioning, this is the right solution for your application. Thomson BSA® precision lead screws are an excellent economical solution for your linear motion requirements.

Lead screws - Motorized

Thomson's new motorized lead screw is a hybrid stepper motor and precision lead screw combination built into one compact envelope.  This powered lead screw will offer several benefits over a more traditional solution and make the end product smaller, stronger, quieter, and more efficient.

Ball screws

Thomson offers the widest range of ball screw products in the industry – including rolled and ground thread screws in both imperial and metric sizes. Leverage our broad product capabilities and application expertise to find the optimal solution for your linear motion requirements.

Ball splines

Thomson precision ball spline systems feature high speed, anti-friction linear motion under high torsional loads. They have high reliability under varying operating conditions and predictable life expectancy.

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