INGUN’s range contacts everything between the test point and the test system

As a leading company for electrical and electronic testing technology, we have a very large selection of test probes, test fixtures, and customising accessories. INGUN customers get all the products they need for their testing requirements between the test point and test system for every type of production, from batch testing to mass production.

Test probes as well as test fixtures and accessories are available in innumerable specialised versions and can be individually configured to provide the suitable comprehensive testing solution for every application. The extensive portfolio of INGUN products is supplemented by a large number of specialised components to ensure reliable, efficient contacting even in challenging applications.

Step by step to the optimum solution

Using the interactive online product finder you can find an overview of the available products from INGUN and select the desired test probes, test fixture kits, and assessories by selectively filtering, limiting and comparing results. Alternatively, you can have INGUN advise you on the product selection: we will check your requirements and find which tip style, type of fixture, and accessories are best suited for your application.

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