INOTEH d.o.o. offers a complete line of motion technology components, including controllers, drives, motors, sensors, clutches, breaks, gears and linear actuators. Our range is further completed with industrial gas springs, switch technology, safety engineering and aluminium profile systems. By this INOTEH d.o.o. provides true single source convenience.

Machines and work benches

INOTEH d.o.o. offers standard and custom made solutions according to your specific demands. Individual packages of articles, ready made products, custom made solutions or complete component assemblies are supplied from one source.



INOTEH d.o.o. offers an extensive pneumatic product line, engineered to meet applications in every sector of the market. We provide true single source convenience with innovative components and complete systems. From semiconductor to automotive, medical to petroleum, our products are designed to fit your unique requirements.

Environmental technology

With our environmental technology we market a comprehensive range of air pumps, diaphragm blowers, side channel blowers, air diffusers and submersible pumps. By this, INOTEH d.o.o. provides true one stop shopping of installation equipment, designed to fit your wastewater treatment systems.