Series ABT / ABX / ABZ

Modular air knives, for unbeatable flow power

The air knives series AB are one of a kind, thanks to their high blowing power, which is a result of their double air flow on both side of the blade, and thanks to their easy installation, by means of two neodymium magnets and of brackets, which make it possible to direct the knife according to all demands. These products are very effective for cleaning, drying, and cooling.

  • Construction shape optimised to maximise the Coanda effect
  • Dual blow-off flow on the central blade
  • Powerful, uniform airstream suitable for cleaning small and large surfaces
  • Modular design and customisation based on the applications available
  • No moving parts, so maintenance-free

Description of the coanda effect

The air amplifiers and the air knives exploit the Coanda effect. This phenomenon can be explained as the tendency of a fluid to follow the contour of a surface nearby. It is named after the pioner of aerodynamics Henri Coanda, who in 1936 patented some instruments that exploited the capacity to deviate a flow. The compressed air introduced in an amplifier or in an air knife is forced to pass through a reduced section, from 0.02 mm to 0.08 mm, and, by lapping the surface nearby, the surrounding air is attracted towards the flow’s direction, so that the volume of air becomes from 5 to 20 times bigger than it was at the inlet.

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Aleksandra Klemenc
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