XTRONIC Stand-alone Series

Designed for optimal cooling of electrical cabinets, without energy waste

  • ∆t up to -40 °C for the cold flow in comparison to the temperature of inlet air
  • Easy to install inside the electrical cabinet by means of flanges or neodymium magnet
  • Maintenance-free
  • No chemical products required
  • It is possible to realize distribution kit of the generated fresh air

Description of Cooling Tubes

In addition to the range of standard coolers, market needs increasingly require stand-alone devices, i.e. capable of independently managing their operation according to the temperature parameters of the environment in which they operate.
We have therefore developed our XTRONIC temperature control units, which can be used either remotely or applied directly to the selected cooler.
In this way, all we have to do is install the device inside our volume to be cooled, connect the pneumatic and electric connections and set the desired temperature range directly on the display of our control unit.
Our cooler will come into operation only when necessary, in order to do a proper job of maintaining the temperature and thus avoiding unnecessary energy waste in terms of compressed air consumption.
Our XTRONIC control units can also be customized to meet specific needs.

To the products.

Cooler Air Saving - Patented System

The best practice in cooling down enclosures involves also a correct distribution of the cold air, after it has been produced. To make it possible, we supply air-blowing modules, connection fittings in technopolymer, and tubes with double insulation. All this to have zero losses of cold energy and to get the highest effectiveness in your application. All these accessories are customisable, to meet your specific demands.


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