Conveyor Belt System

Powerful and low-maintenance – conveyor belt technology from item is the modular solution for efficient goods flows with and without accumulation. A wide selection of basic components and full compatibility with the item building kit systems ensure solutions can be developed to fit your transport tasks perfectly.

Flat Belt Conveyors

The continuous industrial conveyor belt of Flat Belt Conveyor 8 40 D is ideal for efficiently transporting individual unit loads of all types, even those with irregular contact surfaces. Belts that exhibit low static friction allow unit loads to accumulate on the conveyor line. When using non-accumulating belts, workpieces can be continuously conveyed on gradients of up to 20 degrees.

Double Flat Belt Conveyors

Two conveyor belts that can be spaced anything up to 2400 mm apart make Double Flat Belt Conveyor 8 40 D an exceptionally versatile conveyor option. The synchronised belts help to move inherently stable products efficiently from A to B. The gap between the two belts also offers space for installing sensors and actuators below the conveyed loads.

Timing Belt Conveyors

Thanks to its mechanically interlocked and durable timing belt, Timing Belt Conveyor 8 40 D is ideal for transporting heavy objects. This Timing Belt Conveyor with low-friction side guides ensures everything continues to move along smoothly and safely, even when forces are acting from the side. It also keeps the timing belt on track. The Timing Belt Conveyor is available in two widths and each option comes in an accumulating and non-accumulating version.

Double Timing Belt Conveyors

Double Timing Belt Conveyor 8 40 D features two high-performance timing belts that run in sync. It is available in overall widths of up to 2400 mm. This ensures heavy, inherently stable products can be efficiently transported. Side guides give the durable timing belt additional support for lateral forces and carefully keep it on track.

Motors and Gearboxes

There is also plenty of choice when it comes to the drive systems of the item Conveyor Belt System. There are options for electric Motors with integrated Spiroplan® gearboxes and asynchronous machines that can be combined with a separate Gearbox. As a result, the speed of the conveyor belt can be easily adapted to suit requirements. Simply pick the combination that best fits your needs.


Every item conveyor belt is configured with a frame in the appropriate dimensions to suit your specifications and delivered in next to no time ready to install along with your chosen combination of Motor and Gearbox. Useful accessories and practical services such as engineering support for stands round off the item Conveyor Belt System portfolio.

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